Does anyone know what day(s) the Dacian calendar year started on?

Does anyone know what day(s) the Dacian calendar year started on?

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The Dacian calendar is supposedly one of the most accurate calendars of ancient times. I've found generalities about the overall composition of the calendar, like it has three seasons, instead of 4. Summer is 21 weeks, then autumn and winter are 13 weeks each.

"The Dacian calendar was based on a 13-year cycle, ending with a correction day. The same calculations show that a Dacian year was 47 weeks. Users of this calendar scored 8 weeks of 8 days, followed by a week of 7 days, three weeks of 8 days and a week of 6 days. Consequently, the year had, in Dacians, when 365, when 364, when 367 days, exactly in that order. The year did not start on a fixed date, as in the Gregorian calendar today, but on the same day of the week." From Steem.

In my net research, I have not found the approximate day(s) the Dacian new year starts on in comparison to the Gregorian calendar. As an example, the first day of the Persian calendar, known as Nowruz (نوروز), is equivalent to March 21st of the Gregorian calendar, or Chinese New Year, Zhōngguó Xīn Nián (中國新年), is on a date between January 21st and February 20th on the Gregorian Calendar. Any help finding this group of days for the Dacian New year would be greatly appreciated.

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