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(APH-3: dp. 11,500 (f.); 1. 450'; b. 62'; dr. 23'6", s. 18 k. cpl. 460; trp. 1,166; a. 1 5", 12 40mm.; cl. Tryon, . Z-C -S1-A1)

Rixey (APH-3) was laid down on 6 August 1941 by the Moore Dry Dock Co., Oakland, Calif., as Alcoa Cruiser (MC hull 177). Vriginally intended as a bauxite and passenger carrier for the Aleoa Steamship company's. United States South American schedule, she was designated for Navy use and assigned the name Rixey after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Rixey was launched 30 December 1941; sponsored by Miss Betty Hammond; converted to a "transport fitted out for the evacuation of wounded" by her builder; and delivered and commissioned 30 December 1942, Capt. Allen Hobbs in command.

After further conversion work by the Matson Steamship Co., R~ey shifted to San Diego in February 1943 and on the 19th got underway for the South Pacific. Assigned to Service Squadron 8, under the operational control of Commander Service Squadron, South Pacific Foree, the APH arrived at Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, in early March. Through the remaining battles for the Solomons, including the New Georgia campaign in July and August 1943, she evacuated casualties from field hospitals to mobile and base hospitals at Noumea New Caledonia, and Auekland and Wellington, New Zealand. On returning to the forward areas, she carried service units and replacement troops.

By the end of 1943, Rizey's medical department of 71 officers and men had eared for over 10,000 patients and lost only three. Into the spring of 1944, they continued their work as their transport-hospital plied between the Solomons New lIebrides, New Caledonia, and New Zealand. In May they gained a brief respite as Rizey joined the 5th Amphibious Foree and, with units of the 3d Marine Division embarked, prepared for the Marianas' campaign.

In mid-June, Rixey stood by as a floating reserve unit for the assault on Saipan, then, on the 21st, she put into Eniwetok. On 17 July, she departed the Marshalls to return to the Marianas for the invasion of Guam.

Early on the morning of 21 July, Rixey arrived in the transport area off Asan Point. At 1050, a little over 2 hours after the initial waves went ashore, she began disembarking her marines. By the afternoon of the 23d she had completed offloading. Embarkation of casualties, begun on the first day continued until the 29th, when she sailed for Eniwetok and Pearl Harbor.

Arriving at Pearl Harbor in early August, she disembarked her patients; embarked Army troops; trained with them in Hawaiian waters; then sailed for the Admiralties to stage for the assault on Leyte.

On 14 October she headed northwest. Six days later, she arrived off the Dulag assault area. At 1000 the first waves went in, and before noon Rizey was taking on casualties. On the 22d she got underway for the Admiralties and New Guinea; and, through November, carried casualties from Leyte to Manus and Humboldt Bay, whence she brought fresh troops and cargo forward. In early December she moved patients further to the rear from New Guinea to Noumea, then at the cnd of the month departed Sansapor, New Guinea, for Luzon.

On 9 January 1945, she anchored in Lingayen Gulf. Over the next 6 days, her medical department eared for over 300 casualties, including victims of Japanese suicide boats and planes.

Into February she moved casualties to, and reinforcements forward from, Leyte. At midmonth, she transferred the wounded to New Guinea. In early March she embarked troops; prepared for Operation "Iceberg," the invasion of the Ryukyus; and on the 26th anchored off Kerama Retto. Kamikazes arrived within the hour and scored on Kimberly. Rizey's work of treating and transferring casualties, this time to the hospital ship Solace, had begun.

On 1 April landings were made on the Hagushi beaches of Okinawa. On the 14th, Ri~ey moved into that anchorage only to push on early on the 16th, to Ie Shima where her troops went asnore during the morning.

Rixey remained in the area until the 22d. She then headed east with over 500 casualties. At Saipan she disembarked some of her patients and continued to Pearl Harbor and San Francisco, arriving on 15 May.

After availability in June, Rixey completed a passenger run to Pearl Harbor and back in July and early August, then sailed west with over a thousand passengers. En route when the war ended, she arrived at Manila on 3 September and continued on to Leyte and Okinawa. On the 14th, at Okinawa she disembarked naval personnel, then embarked veterans for the return voyage to the United States. On the 16th a typhoon struck. Unable to clear Buckner Bay, she rode it out in the anchorage. On the 23d, she headed east, arriving at San Francisco on 11 October.

At midmonth she departed California to repeat her previous run, carrying replacement personnel west and veterans east. Then, on her return, she prepared for inactivation. Decommissioned 27 March 1946, she was returned to the Maritime Commissmn on 9 September.

Subsequently transferred to the War Department and renamed Private William H. Thomas, she was operated by the Army Transportation Service in the Atlantic and Mediterranean until the establishment of the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) in late 1949. Then designated for transfer to that organization, she was returned to the Maritime Commission and turned over to the Navy on 1 March 1950.

Retaining her Army name, she was designated T-AP-185 and, manned by a civilian crew, continued her United StatesSouthern Eurnpe operations. Initially assigned to Mediterranean and Adriatie runs, she added Caribbean ports to her schedule in 1951, and until July 1957 alternated runs to those areas.

On 27 December 1957, Private William N. Thomas was struck from the Navy list and simultaneously transferred to the Maritime Administration's National Defense Reserve ~leet. She was berthed in the Hudson River until sold, on 28 August 1970, to Tung Ho Enterprise Corp., of Taiwan.

Rixey(APH-3) earned four battle stars during World War II.

Eppa Rixey

Hall of Fame: Inducted as Player in 1963. (Voted by Veteran's Committee)
View Eppa Rixey's Page at the Baseball Hall of Fame (plaque, photos, videos).

Rookie Status: Exceeded rookie limits during 1912 season

Full Name: Eppa Rixey

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Rixey Manor

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Benjamin G. · Married on 03/04/2021

Great venue. Great owners.

We couldn't be happier with Isadora and Ben. After touring other venues that focused on the limitations or requirements of the venue, Isadora and Ben asked us what we envisioned for our wedding day. They asked us guided questions to figure out what we really wanted and then provided feedback/vendor recommendations based on our answers. Isadora even pointed out most of the photos we liked in Rixey Manor's photo albums were taken by the same photographer. This saved us so much time during the photographer search, and we hadn't even signed a contract with Rixey Manor!

Isadora and Ben were very helpful and very accommodating in the year leading up to our wedding. Since both of our families live out of state, Isadora and Ben let us tour Rixey Manor with our families on multiple occasions when they were in Virginia. The Rixey Manor bootcamp, Facebook group, and planning documents took so much stress out of the planning process, and Isadora and Ben were always quick to respond to any questions.

The weekend of our wedding, Isadora and Ben were so calm and prepared for anything. They managed all of the vendors and deliveries, they made sure we followed the timeline, and they always checked in with us to make sure we were happy with everything. Choosing Rixey Manor was the best decision we made in the entire wedding planning process. Not only do you get a great venue, but you also get Isadora and Ben who will do everything in their power to give you the perfect wedding.

Sent on 10/31/2019

Kevin C. · Married on 02/12/2020

Best Venue & Best People

Rixey Manor was the absolute perfect wedding venue for me and my husband. Yes the location and house and landscapes are amazing, but it's the people that work there that make your dreams come true. Mary, Grace, Ben, Isadora, and the rest of the staff made sure that the weekend was perfect and we were not worrying about anything. We met with them multiple times over the year before the wedding and they were always willing to set aside time to answer our questions and provide guidance. Their experience is invaluable, thinking of every little thing you don't know you don't know and making sure you are ready. It truly felt like we were working with family and we know we made lifelong friends in the process. Simply put, they are all amazing human being who have the most beautiful venue and ensure the day is 100% reflective of the couple and what they want out of their weekend. The 3 day experience and having close family and friends staying on site is invaluable and really lets you take everything in and experience special moments around the actual wedding. We cannot recommend this amazing group of people enough (we went to a wedding there a year prior and fell in love and never considered another venue after experiencing it as a guest).

Sent on 04/13/2020

Priscilla · Married on 11/09/2019

Absolutely Lovely Wedding Venue

Rixey Manor was the perfect venue for my husband’s and my wedding. From the moment we saw the venue itself, we knew it was the one for us! We loved the rustic and charming vibe it has, which we thought would be perfect for a Fall wedding. Ben and Isadora, as well as Mary and Grace, were also wonderful to work with and made us feel like family over the months we were in touch with them while preparing for our big day. We especially loved the fact that we had the venue to ourselves for the whole wedding weekend and were able to stay there after the rehearsal dinner and after the wedding reception. Just be aware that due to the historic nature of the venue, you may come across a leaky pipe - my husband mentioned a leaking pipe and a noisy AC-heater unit that sounded as though it was dripping in the groomsmen’s cottage, which kept him up the night before the wedding. Nevertheless, it offers a variety of places to hold the wedding ceremony, depending on the amount of guests and the weather. Isadora was especially helpful at problem-solving and keeping things moving during the big day. We were unaware of any minor mishaps until the next morning since Isadora was able to run interference and get it resolved without issue. If there was anything big that came up, she would not only approach us in a professional manner about it, but would also offer viable solutions as options, which helped alleviate any stress it could’ve caused. We also really liked how they offer an annual wedding boot camp to help couples understand how the venue operates and also gives couples an opportunity to meet some of the vendors they have worked with, even though they do not partner with any vendors in particular, allowing couples to choose whichever vendors they’d like. This is one of the beneficial and unique aspects that you won’t find at any other venue. If you do book Rixey, we highly recommend attending the boot camp since it gives you many helpful insights into having a successful wedding there. Essentially, you end up receiving valuable information that you would’ve paid a wedding planner for. They also have a handbook that has a lot of helpful information in planning your wedding. Also, Rixey’s staff will readily assist couples in reviewing vendor contracts, which may overwhelm and confuse people that may not know what they’re looking for. Lastly, they have a small cottage with a lot of items that past couples have either donated or left behind for other couples to use, which certainly comes in handy since you wouldn’t have to rent/buy it elsewhere. Overall, my husband and I were happy with our choice. They are definitely worth selecting, and you won’t regret it!

AP Art and Design Course and Exam Description

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If your students are ahead of this pace, you’ll be able to incorporate additional days or weeks to spend more time on challenging topics, practice course skills, or begin reviewing for the exam.

25 Fascinating Photos That Show The Strange Side of History

As we browse through thousands of photos each day, we often come upon unique, strange, or simply extraordinary photos that we’d love to share, but simply don’t fit anywhere else.

11) Out the Window, not Down the Hatch. The men who led the raids during the Prohibition Era were ruthless, as seen in this 1929 raid in Detroit. You of course have to allow for some of the effect being due to a longer exposure time, but either way, that’s a LOT of whisky streaming out the windows!

12) Over the Falls She Goes. At the turn of the century, people were seemingly fascinated with daredevil attempts to survive going over the Niagara Falls. The first woman to do it was Annie Edson Taylor who successfully survived in this custom-built barrel in October of 1901.

13) We’re Moving, Honey! This amazing photo shows a team of nearly thirty horses at the ready to move this large home to a new location. Back in the day, most homes were constructed such they could easily be moved, but it is still a sight to see!

14) Messy-Haired Lincoln. Before Lincoln was President, he was a well-known rabble-rouser in Illinois and D.C. This 1857 portrait was evidently taken after the photographer collected him at a bar and Lincoln refused to straighten his hair. We gotta say, we dig it, Abe!

15) Colorful Flour Sacks. This LIFE magazine photo shows something amazing that happened during the Great Depression. When flour and feed companies realized that women were using their cloth sacks to make dresses for their girls, they swallowed the additional cost and began putting colorful and pretty patterns on the bags themselves. And so they helped clothe a struggling nation!

AP 3-D ART AND DESIGN The Portfolio

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2021 Exam Information
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Given the uncertainties of the 2020-21 school year, some students may feel unsure about taking AP Exams in May. So that students feel comfortable registering by the fall deadline, this year there will be no fees whatsoever if a student decides not to test or to cancel their exams. Every AP student should keep their options open by registering for the exam on time because there will still be a $40 fee for late orders.

2020-21 Portfolio Submission Deadline Extended
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A new review session for the AP Art and Design portfolio submission process will premiere the week of April 26 on the Advanced Placement channel on YouTube. The session will be available on YouTube and on AP Classroom for students to watch anytime, anywhere.

AP.3 Grading

The university-wide system for undergraduate grading is as follows:

Grading (Undergraduate)
Grade Quality Points Undergraduate Courses
A+ 4.00 Passing
A 4.00 Passing
A- 3.67 Passing
B+ 3.33 Passing
B 3.00 Passing
B- 2.67 Passing
C+ 2.33 Passing
C 2.00 Passing
C- 1.67 Passing
D 1.00 Passing
F 0.00 Failing

No credit toward graduation accrues from a failing grade or a grade that is replaced by a retaken course.

AP.3.1.1 Undergraduate Grading Scales

Grading scales are indicated on each specific course. Scales are listed below and indicate possible grades which may be earned within each:

  • Undergraduate Regular: allows for all grades listed above in AP.3.1 as well as IN, AB
  • Undergraduate Special (ABC/NC): only allows for A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, NC, IP
  • Undergraduate Special: allows for all grades listed above in AP.3.1 as well as AB, IN, IP
  • Satisfactory/No Credit: allows for S, NC, AB, IN, IP

AP.3.2 Graduate Grading

The university-wide system for grading graduate courses is as follows:

Grading (Graduate)
Grade Quality Points Graduate Courses
A+ 4.00 Satisfactory/Passing
A 4.00 Satisfactory/Passing
A- 3.67 Satisfactory/Passing
B+ 3.33 Satisfactory/Passing
B 3.00 Satisfactory/Passing
B- 2.67 Satisfactory 1 /Passing
C 2.00 Unsatisfactory/Passing
F 0.00 Unsatisfactory/Failing

Although a B- is a satisfactory grade for a course, students must maintain a 3.00 average in their degree program and present a 3.00 GPA on the courses listed on the graduation application.

AP.3.2.1 Graduate Grading Scales

Grading scales are indicated on each specific course. Scales are listed below and indicate possible grades which may be earned within each:

  • Graduate Regular: allows for all grades listed above in AP.3.2 as well as IN, AB
  • Graduate Special: allows for all grades listed above in AP.3.2 as well as IN, AB, S, NC, IP
  • Satisfactory/No Credit: allows for S, NC, AB, IN, IP

AP.3.3 Additional Grade Notations

Satisfactory/No Credit (S/NC)

An S grade reflects satisfactory work (C or better for undergraduate students, B- or better for graduate students) otherwise, the student receives no credit (NC). S and NC have no effect on the student’s GPA. Entire courses normally graded S/NC are annotated in the catalog, and include doctoral dissertation courses 998 and 999. Students may also individually elect to take credit without grade, with restriction. For more information, see AP.1.4.6 Enrolling for Credit Without Grade Points (Satisfactory/No Credit) .

Incomplete (IN)

This grade may be given to students who are passing a course but who may be unable to complete scheduled coursework for a cause beyond reasonable control. Unless the faculty member has specified an earlier deadline, the student must then complete all the requirements by the end of the ninth week of the next semester, not including summer term, and the instructor must turn in the final grade by the end of the 10th week. Faculty members who choose to require an earlier incomplete deadline will be required to file an Incomplete Grade Contract with the local academic unit’s office, detailing the work that remains to be done, the general reason for the incomplete, and the student’s grade at the point of receiving the incomplete. Unless an explicit written extension is filed with the Office of the University Registrar by the faculty deadline, the grade of IN is changed by the University Registrar’s office to an F. The maximum IN extension is to the end of the same semester in which it was originally due. Students who have filed their intent to graduate have only six weeks from the date of degree conferral to resolve any incomplete grades and have the final grades recorded by the University Registrar’s office.

While a grade of IN remains on the transcript, it is treated as an unsatisfactory grade in determining probation, suspension, termination, or dismissal. Removal of INs from the transcript may result in retroactive elimination of probation, suspension, termination, or dismissal.

Incomplete, extended (IX)

IX is given by the Office of the University Registrar after receiving an Incomplete Extension form signed by the instructor and the appropriate dean. The extension gives students additional time to complete work the amount of time is specified by the instructor. The final grade must be submitted to the University Registrar’s office before final exams for the semester in which the IN grade was originally due. A grade of IX affects the academic record in the same way as does a grade of IN.

In Progress (IP)

This grade may be given in selected courses, including graduate theses, dissertations, practicums, and internships. IP may also be used when the work of BIS 490 RS: Senior Project (Mason Core) (Mason Core), CS 112 Introduction to Computer Programming , CS 211 Object-Oriented Programming , ECON 495 RS: Honors Thesis in Economics (Mason Core) , or if a course that is graded S/NC or A/B/C/NC is not completed within one semester. IP has no effect on the GPA. With the exception of the formerly-mentioned courses, IP remains on the record until the work is completed and a final grade is assigned. An IP in BIS 490 RS: Senior Project (Mason Core) (Mason Core), CS 112 Introduction to Computer Programming , CS 211 Object-Oriented Programming , or ECON 495 RS: Honors Thesis in Economics (Mason Core) not changed to a final grade by the last day of classes of the next semester, not including summer term, is changed by the Office of the University Registrar to an F. IP grades will also be awarded in courses numbered 799, 998 and 999 until successful completion, and then they will be changed to S/NC. Upon successful completion of 799, 998 or 999 and submission of the final grade, grades for all prior sections will be changed to S/NC.

Absent with permission (AB)

A student who has received permission from the academic dean or director to be absent from a final exam for cause beyond reasonable control may receive a temporary grade of AB. A rescheduled exam must be administered within 10 business days of the original exam date, or the AB will automatically become an F. Final determination of academic status is not complete while the AB remains on the transcript.

Special Provision (SP)

The grade of SP may be given by a dean to students who are unable to complete the course requirements because of extraordinary long-term circumstances, such as major illness or military deployment. SP has no effect on the GPA and remains on the transcript until the work is completed and a final grade is assigned.

AP.3.4 Midterm Reports

Midterm progress is reported for all full-semester 100- and 200-level classes, and for 300- and 400-level classes at the discretion of the professor. The reporting period extends from the fifth through the eighth week of the semester, allowing flexibility to individual faculty in providing reports for their classes. Students should check with their instructors as to when reports will be complete and available for viewing through Patriot Web. These progress reports, which appear in Patriot Web as "Midterm Grades," do not become part of the student's official record. They are not calculated in any GPA, and they do not appear on any official or unofficial transcript.

AP.3.5 Final Grades

Semester grade reports are available through Patriot Web. Students may print a grade report for their own records or to issue to a third party.

AP.3.6 Transcripts

Official transcripts include all credit coursework attempted at the university, including all courses taken as a graduate, undergraduate or non-degree student. Official transcripts will not be issued when unsatisfied financial obligations to the university exist. Unofficial transcripts may be printed by the student from Patriot Web. See the Office of the University Registrar for information and instructions on ordering official transcripts.

The Antonin Scalia Law School issues transcripts for courses taken as a law student. See Law School for information and instructions on ordering transcripts.

AP.3.6.1 Transcript Key

The transcript key, which appears on the reverse side of official transcript paper, summarizes policy information pertinent to understanding individual students' transcripts and may be updated as necessary.

AP.3.7 GPA

Quality point values are assigned to letter grades as indicated in the grading system table. A quality point score is computed by multiplying the value of a letter grade by the number of credits for the course. For example, a student receiving an A (4.00) in a 3-credit course earns 12 quality points. The GPA is computed by dividing the quality points earned by the number of credits graded A+ through F (GPA hours).

For undergraduates, the GPA computed for the current term gives the current GPA, which is the measure of academic performance in one semester and affects eligibility for the dean's list. The GPA computed for all institutional credit gives the cumulative GPA, which is the basis for the university's retention policies, including good standing, warning, probation, suspension, and dismissal. Cumulative GPA also determines students' eligibility to graduate and have university honors posted to their record at graduation.

Current GPA and cumulative GPA do not apply to graduate students. A notation of academic warning is entered on the transcript of a graduate student who receives a grade of C, or a grade of F in a graduate course or while a grade of IN or IX is in effect. A degree GPA is computed for graduate students based on graded courses completed at the university and applied toward the degree. For more information, see AP.6 Graduate Policies.

AP.3.8 Change of Grade

The conditions and time limits for changes from the temporary grades IN, IP, AB, and SP to final grades appear in Additional Grade Notations.

Once a final grade has been recorded by the Office of the University Registrar, it can be changed only in cases of computational or recording error, or pursuant to a successful appeal of the grade as described below. Additional work of any type submitted to improve a grade after the final grade has been assigned and sent to the Office of the University Registrar is never accepted.

All changes of final grades must be initiated, approved, and recorded by the last day of classes of the next regular semester (spring for fall grades, and fall for spring and summer term grades).

AP.3.9 Grade Appeals

Although faculty members are generally the best judges of student performance, there may be times when a student believes a grade is unfair. In such cases, the student should ask the faculty member to reconsider the grade. If the student is not satisfied, an appeal may be made to the local academic administrator of the unit offering the course. The administrator should ask the student to return to the faculty member who assigned the grade for further consultation.

If the faculty member is no longer associated with the university, the administrator will appoint a faculty surrogate, who will assume the authority of the instructor of record.

If a mutually satisfactory agreement is not reached, the student may request that the administrator form a review committee of three faculty peers of the faculty member who assigned the grade. If the administrator believes the student's appeal does not have merit, this reservation is reported to the collegiate dean. If the dean concludes the student's appeal does not have merit, no review is conducted.

The faculty member or the student may challenge and have replaced one of the three members of the committee without giving a reason for the challenge. The committee meets separately with the faculty member and the student to explore the full particulars of the case. A nonparticipating observer of the student's choice may attend the meeting. Every effort is made to avoid an adversarial relationship.

After the committee has reviewed the case thoroughly, it issues to the administrator (with a copy to the faculty member) a written recommendation that includes the reasons for its findings. At this time, the faculty member has an opportunity to take the recommended action, if any. If the matter is not resolved at this point, the administrator considers the committee recommendation and makes a recommendation to the dean. If the dean decides that the recommendation to change the grade is appropriate and the faculty member refuses to make the change, then the dean may direct the Office of the University Registrar to do so. The decision of the dean is not subject to further appeal.

Grade appeals are not accepted after the last day of classes of the following semester (spring for fall grades, fall for spring and summer grades).

The Provost's Office does not consider grade appeals, nor does the University Academic Appeals Committee.

AP.3.9.1 Pending Grade Appeal for Students in Academic Difficulty

A student may request a delay from the dean in imposing academic suspension because of a pending grade appeal that could change the student's status. An approved delay allows the student to register.

If the grade appeal is successful, the official transcript is corrected and the student continues in classes as a student in good academic standing, on probation or on warning. If the grade appeal is not successful, the student is required to stop attending all classes immediately. No record of registration for the academic period appears on a transcript and the student receives the appropriate refund as of the decision date.

AP.3.10 Final Exams

Undergraduate courses usually culminate with a final exam. Except in predominantly laboratory courses, final exams may not be given during the last week of classes. Exams may not exceed the scheduled length of two hours, 45 minutes. Changes in location or time of in-class final exams must be approved by the appropriate department chair and dean. A professor who is considering assigning a take-home exam or significant end-of-semester paper or project should inform the students at the beginning of the semester. Such assignments should be distributed by the beginning of the last week of classes so that students can coordinate them with preparation for other exams. Students must not be required to submit exams before the date of the regularly scheduled exam for a course. Retaking final exams is not permitted. Students who have more than two examinations scheduled on the same day should consult their instructors to make other arrangements. If campus-wide disruptions to class meeting schedules occur during the semester (e.g., due to severe weather), a revised final exam schedule may be issued. In this event, students and faculty are expected to adhere to the revised schedule. The examination period may be prolonged and individual exams may be shifted to the last day of the revised exam period.

Students with permission to take deferred examinations may receive a temporary grade of AB (absent with permission). Rescheduled exams must be completed within the time deadline set by the university. See below for more information.

AP.3.10.1 Absences from Final Exams

Absences from final exams will not be excused by the instructor except for sickness on the day of the exam. Other causes must be approved by the student's academic dean or director. The effect of an unexcused absence from an undergraduate final exam shall be determined by the weighted value of the exam as stated in the course syllabus provided by the instructor. If absence from a graduate final exam is unexcused, the grade for the course is entered as F. See AP.3.3 Additional Grade Notations for information on being absent with permission.

What’s the format for the short answers?

For the short answers, you will be asked a series of short questions related to some historical topic. Some questions may include historical documents, charts, or tables. Regardless of the content you receive to answer the question, the goal is the same: you are to demonstrate what you know best. You will receive a point for every complete and correct response you give. You could receive partial credit (see Official Scoring Guide), but you want to receive maximize points: answer all parts of the question.

Here’s an example of a short answer question from the 2016 APUSH exam.

$43,149 USD

The last name Rixey is found most in The United States. It can also be rendered as:. Click here to see other potential spellings of Rixey.

How Common Is The Last Name Rixey? popularity and diffusion

This last name is the 857,026 th most widely held surname world-wide, borne by around 1 in 22,916,811 people. This last name is predominantly found in The Americas, where 93 percent of Rixey are found 93 percent are found in North America and 93 percent are found in Anglo-North America. Rixey is also the 1,366,219 th most widespread first name at a global level, borne by 53 people.

It is most prevalent in The United States, where it is held by 312 people, or 1 in 1,161,727. In The United States it is most prevalent in: Virginia, where 16 percent reside, California, where 14 percent reside and Pennsylvania, where 10 percent reside. Aside from The United States this surname is found in 2 countries. It is also common in Israel, where 2 percent reside and Brazil, where 0 percent reside.

Rixey Family Population Trend historical fluctuation

The prevalency of Rixey has changed through the years. In The United States the number of people who held the Rixey surname rose 385 percent between 1880 and 2014.

Rixey Last Name Statistics demography

In The United States Rixey are 14.99% more likely to be registered Republicans than The US average, with 61.76% being registered with the party.

Rixey earn somewhat more than the average income. In United States they earn 14.44% more than the national average, earning $49,379 USD per year.

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